Woodwind Competition Finalists Announced

The finalists from Round 1 of the Open Concerto Competition are Yiding Chen (flute), Eli Holmes (bassoon), and Nadira Novruzov (flute). They will compete against finalists from Round 2 (brass/viola/double bass/guitar/percussion) on Friday, December 9.

December 3 – Chamber Music Recitals

Click here to see the program for the 2PM recital in Morse Hall.

Click here to see the program for the 5PM recital in Morse Hall.

Mozart Violin Concerto Competition Results

The winner of the Mozart violin concerto competition is ELIZABETH AOKI.

The alternate is ANDREW KIM.

Bravo to all contestants! The judges were very impressed with everyone’s performance.

Music Theory and Ear Training Coachings

We are currently are offering free Music Theory and Ear Training coachings for all Pre-College students.

Coachings are a great way to receive extra one-on-one help on topics covered in class and also an opportunity to make up tests and catch up on missed material.  The schedule is as follows:

Ear Training (Room 500H)

9am – 12pm 

1pm – 2pm 

Coach: Joseph Mohan 


Music Theory (Room 525)

9am – 12pm 

1pm – 2pm 

Coach: Melanie Williams 


Ear Training and Theory (Room 500H)

2pm – 3pm 

4pm – 6pm 

Coach: Joseph Mohan 

Student Schedule Room Key

Click here for the table of classroom assignments on the back of your printed schedules.

Chamber Music Groups

Click here for a complete list of chamber music assignments.

Important Web Sites and Information

Juilliard Homepage – Log-in to explore Juilliard’s vast online resources.

Juilliard E-mail – Direct link to your e-mail account.
**All Pre-College correspondences will only be sent to your Juilliard email account! You are responsible for checking it regularly**

WebAdvisor – Access to Account Statements (tuition bills), grades, student contact information.

Canvas – Course management system for class handouts, messages, course materials, quizzes, etc.

Juilliard Library – Library services, including JuilCat. Access to thousands of recordings.

Accompanists – Research, request and contact Juilliard piano accompanists.

Password Control – Password reset and security question setup (if password is forgotten).






E-mail [email protected]. Be descriptive with issues. E-mails preferred to walk-ins or phone calls. Specify that you are a Pre-College Student.


Recording Deadline Policy

The Juilliard Recording Department employs a strict two week deadline for recording requests. If you would like Juilliard to record your recital you must contact the department directly to make arrangements more than two weeks in advance.

For example, the deadline for a Saturday, January 24 recital is Friday January 9 at 4:59pm (two weeks and a day in advance, as the Recording Department is not open on Saturday).

To arrange for an audio (CD) or video (DVD) recording, contact the Juilliard Recording Department at (212) 799-5000 ext. 284, Monday – Friday ONLY, 9:00am – 5:00pm.

Requests made after the 2 week deadline will not be accommodated; please plan accordingly.