Senior Composers’ Recital on Saturday, April 1 at 5pm in Paul Hall

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Chamber Music Concert Saturday, April 1 at 6pm in Morse Hall

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Saint-Saëns Introduction and Rondo Competition Results

The winner of the Saint-Saëns Introduction and Rondo Competition is SERIN PARK.

The Alternate is Simon Cheng

Honorable Mention for Katelyn Moon

New Security Policies begin MARCH 4


Some answers to the most common questions regarding the SATURDAY SWIPE OUT and PERMISSION TO LEAVE THE BUILDING:

  • “Leaving the building” means exiting through the turnstiles for any reason, including running to the Juilliard Cafeteria or Gourmet Garage for lunch, meeting your parent on the steps, or going to the Juilliard Store.
  • Your Pre-College day officially concludes when your last class ends. For most of you this is 6pm or 7pm.
  • This permission form applies to those of you who are already 18 or 19 years old.

Please return the signed form immediately via email to [email protected] or via fax to (212) 769-7449.

At the beginning of the academic year, we informed you of Juilliard’s continued efforts to enhance the security of our building and to ensure the safety of the Juilliard community at large. Beginning March 4, 2017, Juilliard’s Office of Public Safety will be introducing new policies and procedures in support of specific security and safety objectives. Outlined below are two significant policy changes which will affect all students and parents.

Saturday Swipe-Out

  • All members of the Juilliard community must swipe-in with their official Juilliard ID cards when entering the Juilliard building, and swipe-out when exiting on Saturdays.

Policy for Leaving the Building

  • Unless accompanied by their parent, legal guardian or other recognized responsible party, such as an older sibling, aunt, grandparent or other individual officially recognized by the School as a person responsible for the students’ safety (“Responsible Party”), students in middle or elementary school (grades K-8) are not permitted to exit the Juilliard building on Saturdays until their instruction has concluded for the day.
  • Students in high school (grades 9-12) who will reach the age of 14 during the 2016-17 academic year are permitted to exit the Juilliard building during their Saturday school day if and only if their parent or legal guardian has provided written permission to Juilliard. Unless accompanied by their parent, legal guardian or other Responsible Party, all other high school students may only leave the building at the conclusion of their scheduled classes.

Parents or legal guardians of high school students who will reach the age of 14 during the 2016-17 academic year can grant their child permission to exit the Juilliard building unaccompanied during the Saturday school day by completing and signing the Permission Form. Translated versions are available in Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified), Japanese, and Korean. Paper copies are available in the Pre-College Office.

Please submit this form to the Pre-College Office no later than February 25. The form may also be scanned and returned to Rob Ross ([email protected]). The policies will go into effect on March 4.

Finding an Accompanist

We are pleased to announce Juilliard’s new Preparatory Division Accompanist List (PDAL), which is the resource for students and faculty to use to request piano accompanists for lessons, studio classes, recitals, and competitions taking place at Juilliard.


What is different about this new list?

  • All pianists on the PDAL have expressed a particular interest in working with Pre-College students and have confirmed their Saturday availability.
  • In accordance with Juilliard’s policies, all pianists on the PDAL have been vetted and approved to work with minors.
  • Pre-College students may use ONLY pianists from the Prep Division List. Pianists who are not affiliated with Juilliard may not be used.  Juilliard pianists who are not on the PDAL also may not be used.


What is the same?

  • The pianists on the PDAL will fill all accompanying needs within the school at no cost to the family.  Juilliard pays the accompanist to play for lessons, studio classes, performances, competitions, and other approved school activities.
  • You should NOT be asked to compensate Juilliard Prep Division accompanists out-of-pocket for any reason except for additional rehearsals outside of the lesson, which must be arranged and paid for by the family directly.
  • The maximum permitted range for payment for rehearsals is $30–$50 per hour.  Fees for non-Juilliard-related outside activities are also the family’s financial responsibility.


To access Juilliard’s Preparatory Division Accompanist database, follow these steps:


Finally, please note that accompanists are very busy and their schedules fill up quickly.  You must begin your search at least one month in advance of your activity. If your request is unusual (obscure repertoire, etc.), allow even more time.  Do not wait until the last minute!

February 4 – Parent Photo ID (Final Day)

The printer is fixed and we have rescheduled the final day for Parent ID photos: February 4 (9am – 1pm). Please use this link to sign-up for an appointment.

**Feb 4 is also the day of the Parents Association Mid-Winter Party. Come for the ID, and stay to volunteer to help with the party! (Use this link to volunteer!)**

The old paper parent IDs issued by the Pre-College Office will no longer be valid after February 4. After this date, parents/guardians who do not have a Juilliard Photo ID will need to enter the building as a guest and will receive a pass for that day.

A few other reminders:

  • Photo appointments will be granted only to those parents who have completed the ID APPLICATION FORM. If you completed a form earlier in the year you do not need to complete a new one.
  • Photo IDs should only be requested if you require regular access to the building.

Music Theory and Ear Training Coachings

We are currently are offering free Music Theory and Ear Training coachings for all Pre-College students.

Coachings are a great way to receive extra one-on-one help on topics covered in class and also an opportunity to make up tests and catch up on missed material.  The schedule is as follows:

Ear Training (Room 500H)

9am – 12pm 

1pm – 2pm 

Coach: Joseph Mohan 


Music Theory (Room 525)

9am – 12pm 

1pm – 2pm 

Coach: Melanie Williams 


Ear Training and Theory (Room 500H)

2pm – 3pm 

4pm – 6pm 

Coach: Joseph Mohan 

Student Schedule Room Key

Click here for the table of classroom assignments on the back of your printed schedules.

Chamber Music Groups

Click here for a complete list of chamber music assignments.

Important Web Sites and Information

Juilliard Homepage – Log-in to explore Juilliard’s vast online resources.

Juilliard E-mail – Direct link to your e-mail account.
**All Pre-College correspondences will only be sent to your Juilliard email account! You are responsible for checking it regularly** For instructions on how to forward Juilliard email to your personal account, please click here

WebAdvisor – Access to Account Statements (tuition bills), grades, student contact information.

Canvas – Course management system for class handouts, messages, course materials, quizzes, etc.

Juilliard Library – Library services, including JuilCat. Access to thousands of recordings.

Accompanists – Research, request and contact Juilliard piano accompanists.

Password Control – Password reset and security question setup (if password is forgotten).






E-mail [email protected]. Be descriptive with issues. E-mails preferred to walk-ins or phone calls. Specify that you are a Pre-College Student.