Jury Information

The jury exam is the opportunity for faculty to evaluate student progress and level of playing at the end of each year.  All underclassmen, excluding voice majors, must play a jury every year.  Seniors and voice majors do not play juires.
Students will receive written comments from each faculty in attendance. In addition, students will receive a grade, which is the average of all the individual grades. The jury exam grades are final and will appear on students’ transcripts.
**In addition, students will receive a semester grade from their major teacher. This is different from the jury grade.

Jury Schedule:

Juries will take place during the month of May.  The jury schedule by studio will be posted in March.

Please contact Katya Lawson if you have questions or are aware of potential conflicts.

Jury Requirements:

Piano – please complete the jury requirements form and bring to your jury.



All other majors –  please consult your teacher for specific jury requirements for your major and the repertoire that you will perform.